• Experienced, thoughtful, open hearted and warm, with an unwavering commitment to yoga. Megan Aaron is pure magic as a yoga teacher. Anyone who has taken a class from her can agree that her teaching stands out from the crowd. Megan is comforting, encouraging and challenging. She is knowledgeable and passionate about yoga and it is clear that yoga is her life’s calling.

    Megan is attentive to all her students, regardless of class size. I always feel seen. Megan offers hands on adjustments in an intuitive and supportive way. I enjoy Megan’s music selection as well. Her playlists have a wonderful arch that helps me feel motivated at all the right times and chill out when I need that too. She offers classes in a way that you feel excited to try new things and empowered to listen to your own body. Megan has brought me to tears more than once by guiding her classes through asanas to open our bodies and through sharing quotes and personal insights to open our hearts and minds.
    Megan is the embodiment of living yoga on and off the mat. She emphasizes healing, acceptance, grown and learning - teaching all her students that yoga is not just the poses, but how we show up in our daily lives in the choices we make and the way we treat other people.

  • For many years I had the privilege of attending Megan Aarons various HOT Hour classes at HMY Studio and at Halo Hot Yoga Studio. Often times choosing which studio to attend based on whether or not she was guiding the class I was going to attend. She has such a profound gift, love and knowledge for the practice of Yoga. Not one single time did I ever leave her class without having learned something new about myself and or Yoga itself. I always felt challenged to trust myself just a little more, to just a bit deeper and she taught me the grace to back off a bit when I needed to do so. No judgment- just encouragement and acceptance. Megan embodies the true spirit of YOGA -both on and off the matt and continues to be the teacher that I measure other teachers to – or rather, I always hope to find a little bit of “Megan-Vibe” when practicing at other studios. I moved and I no longer reside in such close proximity to the studios she teaches at –so finding another home studio with even one teacher similar to her has been a struggle. She’s just that rad of a human being and Yoga Teacher.
    oxox, M.
  • Megan is one of the most graceful, kind, intelligent and supportive person I know. Her energy is infectious and she brings that into every class no matter how slow or how intense the class is going to be. I started yoga only two years ago, I began my journey simply because I wanted an outlet from the craziness of life but little did I know that the people I came across in the studio would be the reason why I am still a yoga student and now teacher today, and Megan is one of those people. I remember I was sitting on the idea of going through teacher training awhile before I committed. Throughout that time Megan was always supportive and patient in my decisions, especially when I went through her training program. Since training and going on retreats with her, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her philosophies/teachings and how she handles herself and her students. She doesn’t just look at you as a student, but as an overall human and works to help you grow in all aspects of your life on and off the mat. Megan is an amazing teacher, mentor, and human.
  • Before taking Megan’s class I had never had a favorite yoga instructor. After my first vinyasa class I was hooked. Megan has a naturally calming voice, and you can hear her passion and knowledge as she guides you through your practice. Each class is always unique, and exactly what I need that day. Thank you for always showing up with the brightest smile in the room- you are truly gifted at what you do.
  • Megan is one of the most challenging, yet gentle yoga teachers I’ve had the privilege of working with in my ten years of practicing yoga. She brings a charismatic energy to each class and it is a joy to practice under her. Megan’s sequences are challenging, yet always evolving, and very therapeutic for my body and soul. She has a unique approach to the Sun A and Sun B salutations and I appreciate how she changes it up, so your body can’t anticipate the next pose. Regardless of your skill level or how often you attend her classes, Megan takes the time to get to know each of her students and makes everyone feel welcome in her class. Although her classes are more advanced, she does offer many variations for all skill levels. I’ve been fortunate enough to take 2 overseas yoga trips with Megan and each one was exceptional! During my YTT 200 training, she created a warm, safe environment to learn yoga and practice teaching. The curriculum provided by her was plentiful and she included extra study materials dedicated to our studio’s hot hour. Megan spent time with each person ensuring they felt comfortable in their speaking cues. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Megan better over the past couple of years, and I can truly say that the authenticity and passion she brings to each class is the same approach she takes to her life.
  • "I've been practicing Yoga with Megan for almost 4 years and love taking her beautifully choreographed Vinyasa classes! She is truly a world-class instructor that brings deep knowledge and experience into every class and to every student. In addition to fun flows and good music, Megan has an amazing ability to guide a lighthearted, yet deeply mindful practice that truly works mind, body and spirit. Her clear passion for the practice radiates out of her and always makes for an incredible experience on the mat. Beautiful classes, beautiful instructor!"