Pure Serenity Yoga Boise, Idaho

Welcome to Pure Serenity Yoga, where connection, balance, and self-discovery is found. Operating from a number of locations, Pure Serenity believes that Yoga should be accessible to everyone who is searching it out. Yoga is much more than movements, it is also a combination of controlled breathing, flow, and spiritual experience. At Pure Serenity Yoga, a modern and authentic Yoga is incorporated that delivers energetic and healing results. If you’re searching for an instructor that can meet you on your level, reach out today.


Yoga Offerings

Yoga has a lot to offer the world and comes in many different forms. Whether you’re looking for private instruction, teacher training, or Yoga instruction at a corporate event, you can trust in Pure Serenity to deliver a passionate experience. The yoga offerings that are currently provided include the following;

  • Retreats
  • Corporate Yoga
  • Public Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Teacher Training
  • Live Virtual Classes
  • Workshops

Before taking Megan’s class I had never had a favorite yoga instructor. After my first vinyasa class I was hooked. Megan has a naturally calming voice, and you can hear her passion and knowledge as she guides you through your practice. Each class is always unique, and exactly what I need that day. Thank you for always showing up with the brightest smile in the room- you are truly gifted at what you do.


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Serene Yoga

Yoga is a gift to the human body and mind. By using purposeful flows, Yoga helps people find new connections with their bodies and emotional release. At Pure Serenity, the goal is to guide people to their authentic selves and help them unlock the potential of their entire being.

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