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Yoga works incredible magic in every life that it touches. From spiritual and physical healing to creating everlasting friendships, yoga is a gift of life that never runs out. If you’ve been touched by the spirit of yoga and want to pursue a teaching path for yourself, or you simply would like to deepen your yoga practice you’ve come to the right place. Pure Serenity is eager to share the knowledge of instruction and the embodiment of yoga to anyone who has the passion to embark on this transformational journey. This teacher training will involve an in-depth process that includes the breaking down of yoga historical texts and philosophy, physical alignment and technique, the art of connection and so much more. By the end of this training, you will not only have the credentials of a teacher but the confidence of a guru.

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Upcoming Trainings

Our program is an invitation to step outside of your comfort zone, invest in YOU and embark on the most transformative journey of your life. In our 200hr course we go beyond the academic study of yoga and learn to give life to these practices both on and off of the mat. The in-depth teachings that will be shared will help you to discover the true meaning of Yoga, helping you to deepen your practice while supporting you in identifying your unique gift and voice as a yoga teacher.

This training is rooted in Vinyasa style yoga but touches on other styles such as meditation, pranayama, and our most popular class “hot hour” which is a blend of Bikram and Ashtanga/Vinyasa.

We love movement, we will spend a great part of our training learning the ins and outs of all things body and movement, including anatomy, yoga for injury prevention, the art of teaching, asana breakdown, and much more.

While movement is important to us we recognize it is simply a tool that we use to understand and embody yoga philosophy and ultimately unveil the path to self discovery. It is difficult to find a training that both embraces the teachings of yoga and helps you to build confidence as a yoga teacher in the modern world.

Our highly experienced staff has been teaching collectively for over 30 years and brings to you different expertise that will help to offer a full spectrum to this training. We are here to welcome you with open arms and support you on your teaching journey, we can’t wait to meet you!

We offer 2-3 trainings per year. See below for our upcoming schedule!

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Training provided through Yoga Flow School

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Fall 2023 

200hr Teacher Training in Boise at Hollywood Market Yoga

September 28th- December 31st

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Spring 2024

200hr & 300hr Teacher Training at Xinalani Resort in Mexico

March 2024

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Summer 2024

300-Hour Advanced Training in Boise, ID

Begins in August! 

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Fall 2024 

200-Hour Teacher Training in Boise, ID

Begins in October! 

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Meet Your Teachers

The collaborative efforts of our training team work towards their mission of empowering students to integrate their own unique set of experiences, stories, and growing skills in an engaged learning process resulting in a community that lifts each other up.

Megan Aaron

Lead Trainer

Megan Aaron has been pursuing the sacred practice of Yoga for over a decade. Quickly after she discovered the benefits, Megan felt a spiritual calling to become a full-time teacher and take part in spreading the healing of yoga. With her extensive background in dance movement, Megan found that Yoga was her true purpose all along. During her instruction, Megan delivers upbeat flows, breath-linked postures, and a spiritual sense that provides a unified Yoga experience for all of her students. Her goal is to challenge her class in a peaceful and encouraging way that continually develops the inner passion for yoga. Megan is eager to share the knowledge of instruction and the embodiment of yoga to anyone who has the passion to embark on this transformational journey.

Lydia Miller

Anatomy, Injury Prevention, Vinyasa

Lydia discovered yoga as a form of physical exercise just shortly after graduating from college. The dedication and commitment of the physical practice creates focus and awareness enhancing the mental and spiritual benefits. She believes yoga to be empowering, stimulating, and challenging. She finds that her yoga practice complements all areas of her life, and feels honored to share this understanding with others. Over her lifetime, she has participated in many sports including: dance, soccer, gymnastics, running, indoor cycling and hiking with her friends and family. The energy and inner beauty in her children motivate her to live life to its fullest with an open heart and mind. She encourages her students to be patient with their practice. She strongly believes it is not the destination of the journey, but the journey itself that impacts us the most.
“Vinyasa allows us to create shapes with our bodies, and connects us to our “True Self” through these expressions. My passion lies in this flowing style of yoga that allows us to be determined, humble, grateful, optimistic, and open to so many things on and off the yoga mat.”
Her sessions will be filled with fun flowing movements focusing on building strength, flexibility, and balance through an awareness of foundation, alignment, pranayama, and discovering your center of gravity.

Christina Braun

Teaching Methodology, Business Of Yoga

Christina is a yoga teacher & a yoga studio manager. She developed her passion for yoga after experiencing what she can only describe as an AWAKENING. The benefits of yoga have only begun to be studied scientifically but the evidence is alive with each mindful breath. With years of practice she has honed the art of teaching, developing a system that enhances the yoga experience for students while still being authentic to herself & her voice as a teacher. Christina is excited to share her knowledge of being a leader in the modern yoga world.