Yoga Workshops Boise, Idaho

Workshops are an effective and intimate way to connect with yoga. From beginner level to advanced, these yoga workshops are ideal for anyone who wants to study the practice on a deeper level. These 2-day weekend sessions involve a personal experience that guides people through various flows, techniques, and meditations.

Yoga Workshops Types

Free Your Spine to Open Your heart (2 Hours) (All levels)

This workshop focuses on the health of the spine by increasing mobility of the chest, upper back, shoulders, and hips. These spinal extensions create room in the heart, release stored emotions, and improve overall posture.

Arm Balancing 101 (90 Minutes) (Intro Level)

In this workshop, the session begins with a core-focused Vinyasa practice to prepare the body. The flow transitions to focus arm balances commonly seen in most Vinyasa practices. By getting familiar with these arm balances, students are able to confidently and safely enter full poses.

Arm Balancing Transitions (90 Minutes) (Intermediate)

This workshop helps to build confidence in arm balancing practice by studying the alignment and fundamentals of pose transitions.

Elemental Yoga Series (90 Minutes) (All Levels)

This is a 5-part series that focuses on the elements that have an important role in health and wellness. Each element is worked on individually with its own discussion, flow, meditation, and more.

  • Bhumi (Earth Element)- Connect to your roots, release tension, and feel more grounded.
  • Jala (Water Element) – Inspire fluidity, freedom, and strength within your body.
  • Agni (Fire Element) – Ignite your potential and encourage positive transformation.
  • Vayu (Air Element) – Purify yourself with a deeper connection to the heart and energy.
  • Akash (Space Element) – Enhance your consciousness by honing universal awareness.

The Art of Mindful Sequencing (Instruction for yoga teachers) (All Levels)

The goal of this class is to give instructors the knowledge and confidence of smooth and thoughtful transitions during their flows. This is achieved by studying creative, fluid, effective, spiritual, and liberating vinyasa sequences. This workshop focuses on the details of asanas, transitions, and pranayama.

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